TPOT consist of two primary members, Olle Thulin and Per Thuresson. Their music can be described as laidback and dubby electronic grooves blended with swirly analogue synthlines and epic nostalgic melodies. Deep basslines and a atmosphere infused with shimmering pads and organic textures.

They met in Västerås in Sweden around 1999 and formed a band called Mekano that released tracks on various compilations and gigged frequently and got attention in the progressive dance scene. The Mekano project was put aside 2002 due to new interests and moving to different citys. Since then Olle has released a couple of records with a marvelous project called Modual with lead vocalist Mikael Hallmans. Modual can be found "here". Olle has been working full time as audio-/videotechnician for big rental services in Stockholm. Thure has been freelancing as sound-technician for film and television and the last years been employed for Swedish national television SVT in Gothenburg. In 2012 Olle and Thure decided to make music together again. And TPOT was formed. Thuresson Per Olle Thulin, hence the name. 

Both Olle and Thure decided to take a break from the exhausting day jobs and go on a more artistic and creative route in life again. Be more passionate, feel more free and make more music.

Photo taken by: Peter Bergstrom