Burning Bush EP brings you plenty of summervibes for your chilling and lounge setting. They have now gone even further into their signature soundworld this time with a excellent blend of deep basslines, dubby chords and hooky nostalgic melodies. This EP is really a impressive craftsmanship in tailoring the modular synthesizers and sculpting the sounds and harmonies, creating a vibrating organism that lives and breathes. Scandinavian chillout at its finest. Enjoy!

/Kattegatt Sound


TPOT remix on Hibernation - Organic Technology, The Remixes 


Today we are very proud to announce that TPOT is releasing a remix on Hibernations new fresh release "Organic Technology - The Remixes".

16 Remixes from the very best, chill out and dub crem de la crem producers around the globe. 

Out now on Bandcamp: Organic Technology - The Remixes

Featuring: Astropilot, Desert Dwellers, Tor.Ma in Dark, Grove, TPOT, dela Moon, The Gnome, Trikaya, Sanial & Complector, Drifter, Bwoy de Bhajan & more...


Kaya Project ft. Shahin Badar - Nazereh Milli (TPOT Remix) 

We are very proud to announce a remix of Kaya Project featuring Shahin Badar - Nazreh Milli (TPOT Remix). 
Link To Track: Here

Kaya Project is one of the alias of Seb Taylor (UK) and his various amazing collaborations. Seb has been around the scene for ages and is a true legend, deeply involved in the British dance-scene for decades and now focuses energy on downbeat projects such as Kaya Project and Hibernation. 

The vocals comes from Shahin Badar, an award-winning singer songwriter from UK. Her voice can be heard in The Prodigy´s megahit (97) - “Smack my bitch up”, where her vocal chant is one of the prime components of the track, voted by Mixmag readers as the third greatest dance track of all time. Now Seb and Shahin releases a new singel “Jaag remixed by Kaya Project” which this TPOT remix is part of it as a bonustrack at Bandcamp. 

Kaya Project ft. Shahin Badar - Nazereh Milli (TPOT Remix) 

Written and produced by: Seb Taylor and Shahin Badar 
Remixed by TPOT: Per Thuresson and Olle Thulin 
Vocals: Shahin Badar 
Ney Flute: Fatima Gozlan 
Violin: Deepak Pandit 
Other Instruments: Seb Taylor 

Please enjoy! 

#Kayaproject #Hibernation #ShahinBadar

Burning Bush EP, Released today. 

Today TPOTs new EP, Burning Bush is released. Again we bring you plenty of summervibe for your chilling and lounge setting. Please step into our soundworld with deep basslines, dubby chords and hooky nostalgic melodies on our new 4 track EP. Now you can also find us at Bandcamp. Enjoy the rest of the summer! /TPOT 


All tracks written, produced and mixed by: TPOT. 
Per Turesson and Olle Thulin. 


Additional contributions by:

John Sarafian (Electric guitar) on 01 Rumble Root and 04 Lumia 

Maria Backlund (Piano) on 01 Rumble Root

Ibiza Bäckström (Vocals) on 03 Decarbonized. 


Mixdown to tape by: Åke Linton 
Svenska Grammofonstudion, Göteborg. 
Mastered by: Hans Olsson Brookes 
Svenska Grammofonstudion, Göteborg. 
Artwork by: TPOT and Photo by: Peter Bergström. 

Released by: Kattegatt Sound 
Catalogue number: KS001 
Releasedate: 2019-07-05 

All rights reserved

Burning Bush EP 


TPOT is proud to announce our new EP, "Burning Bush". Releaseday, next Friday, 5th of July on all major streaming and download services. We give you 4 delicious, groovy tracks with plenty of summer vibe for you to chill and enjoy. 

Stay tuned.

Cycling To The Sun - TPOT remix 

Today TPOT is appearing on Translippers new album "Cycling To The Sun" with a remix on the title-track under Cosmic Leaf Records. We feel honored to be part of the repertoire to this talented artist, Arthur Mustafin from St. Petersburg. 

Take your bicycle out and start "Cycling To The Sun".  


For more info about Translippers and this release, please visit: http://www.cosmicleaf.com/en/products.php?action=view&cat=110&id=751


Hypericum is here. 

We are very happy to announce that our album, "Hypericum" is now finally released. We hope you like it and that it can bring you some chilled moments this summer. The seed is planted and now we are looking forward to see the TPOT flower blossom. 

Thanks to everybody involved. 

With love from TPOT, here is Hypericum. 




Hypericum releasedate 22nd of May 

Hologram Music is proud to announce the debut album “Hypericum” from TPOT. The Swedish duo of Olle Thulin & Per Thuresson drawing influences from dub, electronica and chill-out grooves with a mystic touch of epic melodies flavoured with hypnotic modular synth-lines.  

Taking a daily dose of “Hypericum” is going to give you an uplifting mindset and make a superb soundtrack to your life. The “Hypericum” will unfold within you and the experience will grow larger every time you listen to this fantastic journey. The production skills are outstanding and this duo really are true wizards in coaxing emotions and a wide colourful palette from their large array of modular and analogue equipment. 

Discover and enjoy “Hypericum” from TPOT. Releasedate 22nd of May.

Mastered by: Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion 
Artwork by: Kenny Berggren

Spring is here 

Spring is on its way, and so is our debut album. 

We are now happy to announce that our album “Hypericum” is ready for release on “Hologram Music”, later this spring. Why not start the summer with some Deep Smokey and Chilled Electronica?  

Hypericum will be available to buy at Beatport, Itunes etc, and for streaming at all platforms like Spotify, Tidal etc. 

Mastered at Svenska Grammofonstudion. 

Here is a preview of Hypericum to get you lust for more. 


Stay tuned. 

Wings photo, taken by: Ralph Weidne, Biopixel